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Best Time To Get Roofing Work Done

If you’re considering having roofing work done but are unsure when the best time is, keep reading to find out. This article will outline when roofing season is to help you plan your home improvement journey.

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We won’t keep you waiting and tell you the answer first. It might be a no-brainer, but the spring and summer seasons are optimal times for roofing. Additionally, the fall is also a good time to have roof work done. The heat is less intense and typically less busy for the roofing season. Therefore, it’ll be easier to book.

In Alberta, this means optimal roofing season can be cut short due to surprise snowstorms. However, the roofing season isn’t during the warmer months just because your roofer doesn’t like the cold. There are several key reasons which we’ll go into detail below. 

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Before you get on the phone with a roofer, let’s discuss the differences between a roof repair and replacement. Knowing the difference will help you better understand the finances and timeline of the project.

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A roof repair is area-specific and minor. Common roof repairs include:

• Replacing A Few Shingles

• Flashing Repair 

• Replacing Gutters 

• Small Roof Leak Repair 

You can do minor roof repairs yourself if you feel comfortable. However, a professional may notice other potential problems and help catch them early. This could save you a lot of money in the long run. 

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A roof replacement, on the other hand, is a much bigger task. You’ll typically have to choose between a reroof or replacement. A reroof means adding new shingles onto the existing ones. This job typically takes less time and therefore costs less. A roof replacement involves taking everything off for a completely new roof. The greatest benefit to a roof replacement is knowing you won’t have to do it again for a while. Roofs last anywhere between 25-50 years. 

A new roof also increases the value of your home. Buyers are looking for homes with a newer roof, so they won’t have to invest in repair work after purchasing a property. Furthermore, a new roof could help lower your home’s insurance premiums. This is because a new roof lowers the risk for your insurance company. Contact your insurance company to see what you’re eligible for.

Roof repairs, reroofs, and roof replacements all have unique financial costs. For more information on roofing costs, check out this article. 

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Ideally, you should contact a professional right away. Roofing projects take time, and waiting will only cause further strain on your roof. As we mentioned above, the roofing season in Alberta is relatively short. We advise against waiting until winter is approaching to have repairs or replacements done. 


Until then, there are a few ways you can help minimize damage. For example, there are a few ways to temporarily fix a roof leak. Use roofing cement to stop water from entering gaps in shingles, soffit, or flashing. You can use silicone around chimneys to prevent water from entering. 


Use a tarp to cover the roof. If you know where the roof leak originated, using a tarp can help keep water out. This is a temporary fix for days you know it might rain. Be sure to nail down the tarp with roofing nails. 

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During winter, your roofing project may also take longer. With heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures, some days, it will not be safe to conduct roof work. This is another reason why spring and summer are recommended. Your roof work will get done much faster and without any weather-related hiccups. 

Low temperatures also affect roofing material. Asphalt shingles become brittle in cold weather and are less malleable. The sealant for the shingles also requires the heat from the sun to fully activate itself. With that said, we can safely complete winter roofing. However, we recommend a professional roofer come help you replace a few shingles when it’s cold. They understand how roofing material works in cold weather.   

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Roofing season brings high demand for roofing companies. The warm weather inspires many to pick up various home improvement projects. If the roofing is somewhere on your to-do list, but you keep skipping it, think again. Small cracks could eventually lead to disastrous roof leaks. You should never ignore the early warning signs of a leaky roof. 

Call a reputable roofer who will get the job done properly. Booking early means you’ll have more time to plan your schedule for a time that works best for you. 

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We also recommend you research ahead of time. Find out what kind of damage your roof has. You should perform a roof inspection twice a year. This will prevent any surprises and help lengthen the lifespan of your roof. Note any suspicious or unknown indicators. This could include water stains on your ceiling or gutters not draining properly. 

Your roofer will conduct a thorough inspection upon arrival. However, knowing ahead of time can help you better understand the situation as well. 

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Finally, when to book? Well, how about now? As we enter the summer months, we’re also entering peak roofing season. Although you don’t have to be at home while a roofer is doing their work, you might want to ask them questions. If that’s the case, then we recommend booking as early as possible to get the time you want. We all plan our summer, but why not plan your summer home makeover too?

At Tony’s Roof Repair, you can contact us 24/7 for speedy, high-quality roofing services. Contact us today to book your roofing project.