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Roofing Costs: Repairs Vs. Replacements

When you start to notice your roof isn’t holding up quite as well anymore, it may require some work. At Tony’s Roof Repair, we can give your roof a proper inspection to see what seems to be the problem. Whether it’s a roof repair or a full roof replacement, we’re ready for any job you throw our way.

Before you start to panic about what needs to be done, let’s go through your options and roofing costs.

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If you need to fix up your roof, you’re either going to need to do repairs to a specific portion of your roof. Or you will go through an entire replacement depending on its state.

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If you know the exact source and cause of the problem, whether it needs repairs on some shingles or flashing that needs replacing, your repair cost could be as low as $10 and some elbow grease. Still, the typical range for roof repairs, according to Home Advisor is $351-$1389, depending on how drastic the issue is.

However, the first thing you need to do is assess the situation. You’ll need to do an inspection to figure out where the leak is coming from in order to repair the problem. If you don’t feel comfortable heading up to your roof, call a professional company to assess it for you.

Once you’ve figured out what the problem is, you can begin repairing it.

There are five common roofing problems to look for and an approximate cost:

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”1. Flashing” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

Flashing is the metal material that protects crease lines between the roof and a chimney, skylights, or venting. If this becomes worn or damaged, it leaves vulnerable gaps that water can run into causing leaks and more damage to your roof.

Repair: Remove the old flashing and replace it with new flashing. Some surrounding shingles you’ll carefully remove as well to get to the flashing and keep the roof flush.

Estimated Material Cost: $20 – $40.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”2. Worn Out Sealant” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

When sealant wears out, it is defenceless to water entering around skylights or flashing. The sealant ensures the seams around more vulnerable spots are sealed.

Repair: Re-caulk or re-tar weakened areas. You may need to carefully remove shingles to get to the entire perimeter of the weakened sealant areas. Then you’ll put the shingles back after re-application and your roof will be as good as new.

Estimated Material Cost: $10 – $20

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”3. Punctures & Holes” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

Weather can create a significant hole in your roof, especially living with Calgary’s finicky weather. Things like tree branches or hail and cause hole and puncture in your roof you’ll want to repair immediately. These repairs tend to be left to the professionals as there are more complicated steps involved and could result in reframing a portion of your roof.

Repair: If re-roofing is necessary that will be done first. Next, you’ll install a layer of sheathing and then felt paper to protect the structure. Afterwards, you’ll lay shingles as usual.

Estimated Cost: $300 – $1000 (depending on labour)

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Temporary Fix” heading_tag=”h3″ alignment=”left” el_class=”pb-5″]Remember to only temporarily cover the hole until you or the professionals can properly fix it. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur.[/ultimate_heading][ultimate_heading main_heading=”4. Vent Boot” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]
vent boot repair

A vent boot conceals the area around your vent from any moisture from entering. If it becomes damaged it becomes susceptible to leaks in your roof.

Repair: repairing the boot is as easy as removing the damaged boot and replacing it with a new one. As always carefully remove the shingles that lie on top of the vent boot, then when the new one is in place, nail it down and remember to re-caulk it.

Estimated Material Cost: $20

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”5. Damaged Or Missing Shingles” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]

It’s common to discover damaged or missing shingles on your roof. Factors such as weather or pesky animals can wear them down, causing them to become inadequate or blow clean off.

Repair: Remove the old damaged shingles and replace them with new ones. If you notice ice dams or clogged gutters, remember to clean that up as well after you’ve fixed the issue to prevent the same future damage from occurring.

Estimated Material Cost: $30 – $60 per bundle without labour (Also dependant on how many shingles you need to replace and which shingles you have.)

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Though some of these fixes may seem easy, it’s best to inspect your roof periodically. This way you can stop a problem before it occurs or before it becomes too big to handle or your roofing costs become too expensive.

Roof repairs are done relatively easily if you have the right tools and know-how, but if you decide to leave it to the professionals, Tony’s Roof Repair can get the job done right.

Roof replacements, on the other hand, can be quite costly and challenging. It usually isn’t something homeowners’ budget for but is necessary to do every so often when issues arise overhead.

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The cost of installing or replacing a roof according to Home Stars is between $2,000 – $11,000, averaging $4,750. This cost is substantially higher than any repairs; however, it is sometimes the best and only option for you going forward if you want to keep your home safe and leak free.

Keep in mind that the different roofing materials, depending on what you choose can help determine the cost of reinstalling your roof.

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Depending on your budget, the materials you choose can either save you a lot or increase your bill significantly. However, it is good to consider the longevity of the materials you have for options. You may be spending more now, but if you choose a higher quality product your roof will hold up a lot longer, meaning fewer repairs in the future.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Average costs of different roofing materials for a roof installation:” heading_tag=”h3″ alignment=”left” el_class=”pb-5″][/ultimate_heading][ultimate_heading main_heading=”Asphalt Shingles” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]
  • Three-tab asphalt shingles: $7,000 to $12,000
  • 30-year shingles/architectural, aka dimensional shingles: $9,000 to $15,000
  • 50-year shingles/Premium shingles: $11,000 to $20,000

Last anywhere from 15 to 50 years, depending on the thickness and make of the shingles.

Advantages: Highly versatile, can be made to look like any material (slate, wood, etc.) and are the least expensive option.

Disadvantages: Easily prone to aesthetic damages (discoloration, cracks, falling off).

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Wood Shingles & Shakes” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]
wooden shingles or shakes
  • Wood shingles & shakes: $14,000 to $25,000

Lasts anywhere from 20 to 40 years.

Advantages: Causes better air circulation in the home. High resilience to weather (wind especially) and insects.

Disadvantages: Replacement can be a pain, especially if rot sets, the whole roof will have to be replaced. Since rot can occur they aren’t great for places with high perception and no time to dry out.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Metal Roofs” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]
metal tile roofing
  • Steel shingles: $14,000 to $25,000
  • Aluminum shingles: $15,000 to $28,000
  • Standing-seam steel roofing: $23,000 to $30,000

Can last up to 60 years, four times longer than standard asphalt shingles.

Advantages: Energy efficient since they can handle the elements better, which can save you money on your energy bill. Plus they’re made from more environmental materials that could make you eligible for a tax credit. Low maintenance because of its durability. Lighter material causing less stress on your trusses and rafters.

Disadvantages: High up-front cost. It can be noisy without proper insulation. It can also be difficult to match if a portion needs replacing.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Slate, Clay, & Concrete Tiles” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]
  • Natural slate: $25,000 to $50,000
  • Concrete tile: $20,000 to $40,000
  • Clay tiles: $25,000 to $50,000

Can last up to 50 years.

Advantages: Don’t wear down too quickly, they’re resistant to fire, wind and hail. Have a great aesthetic look.

Disadvantages: Clay tiles are heavier and require a specially supported roof frame to manage the extra weight. It can crack easily in severe weather.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Flat Roofing Systems” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left”][/ultimate_heading]
  • EPDM rubber: $8,000 to $14,000
  • TPO or PVC membrane: $10,000 to $15,000
    • Holds up longer than EPDM because it has a reinforced membrane and welded seams

Lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 years.

Advantages: Used on low slope roofing systems only. Hold up well in storms since there’s nothing to lift up and blow away.

Disadvantages: Seams can weaken easily and need upkeep. It can be punctured easily by fallen branches during a storm.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Leave It To The Professionals” heading_tag=”h4″ alignment=”left” el_class=”pb-5″][/ultimate_heading]

Though the cost of a new roof installation may be more extravagant then you bargained for in the long run it will be worth it. Full roof replacements are no easy task. It is best to leave it up to the professionals to get the job done and get them to provide a roofing cost estimate based on how much you would like to spend on your new roof by showing you all of your options and materials.

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Another money saving option to consider is calling in the professionals during their offseason. Usually, roofers slow down a lot in the winter. Though, if the weather conditions are still satisfactory, they may cut you a decent deal on the price of re-roofing your home

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Don’t forget about looking at your gutters and downspouts for replacement as well. If they get too worn out or bent, it can cause water to pool on the roof, causing all sorts of future problems.

The same goes for ice damning if you can purchase proactive tools, such as heating coils to ensure damning doesn’t occur is always a smart choice. These measures could save you a lot of money on future roofing costs.

When you hire Tony’s Roof Repair, we always complete every project to the highest standards while providing you with an affordable rate. We know nothing is worse than hiring a professional team to find out they cut corners on your roof repair. So, we only provide the highest possible care for one of your home’s most crucial features, the roof.

We are affordable, reliable and have the knowledge and expertise to complete your roof repair. For any roofing issue you have, we are available 24/7, call (587) 577-4777.