A roof’s flashing is made up of thin pieces of sheet metal that is designed to stop water from leaking into a home. Anywhere there is an angle, or joint, or where the roofing isn’t continuous is where you will find flashing. Depending on the roof design and layout the flashing is concealed or exposed.

If your flashing wasn’t installed correctly, or is failing for any other reason, your home could be at risk of severe water damage around skylights, vent fans, chimneys, sheathing or siding. Almost any water issues you have in your home can be traced back flashing that wasn’t installed correctly. Because building codes often have little say about flashing, there’s not a lot of regulation, and many roofing contractors may see it as a way to cut corners.

At Tony’s Roof Repair, we believe your home is your most important investment, and we want to do everything we can to help protect it. Our Alberta roofing experts take great care to ensure the installation of your roof flashing is correct to prevent water damage in your home.

Whether your home’s roof flashing was installed wrong from the get-go or it has damage or is worn out by severe storms, call Tony’s Roof Repair – we provide flashing installation, repair, and replacement in Alberta to help protect your home from leaks and water damage year-round. Call us today!



A home’s ventilation is an essential part of the overall roofing system. Ideally, your roof should have a foot of ventilation for every hundred cubic feet of attic space. Without it, your home won’t be able to ‘breathe,’ and condensation can build up in your attic. That condensation can affect the insulation and drywall if it builds up enough and over a long enough period. It can also turn to mould, which will impact everyone’s health in the home.

Without proper ventilation, you’ll also find there’s nowhere for the air to escape from your home. Your air conditioning will have to work overtime to keep your home cool. When installed correctly, ventilation, combined with attic insulation, will keep the roof’s surface cold. This means snow won’t melt and then freeze to form ice dams, which can wreck the eaves.

At Tony’s Roof Repair, we specialize in repairing all things roof-related. We can inspect your current ventilation system to ensure its working for you as it should be. If it isn’t, we’ll be able to determine what the problem is, and how best to repair or replace it. 

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The underlayment of your roof is almost as necessary as the shingles and flashing. The underlayment is the material that goes between the tiles or shingles and the plywood sheathing. The roofing underlay’s job is to keep moisture out of your home and prevent water damage and mould growth as a result.

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. The shingles will protect your home from most damage as long as the installation is correctly done and you keep up with repairs. The underlayment is essentially the second and final line of defense.

One way to know if your roof, and your underlay, has damage is when you see water leaking into the house. That’s a sure sign that the roof underlayment has deteriorated and no longer protecting your home. Another much less expensive way to check your underlayment is to have regular inspections done on your roof.

The experienced team at Tony’s Roof Repair provides expert residential and commercial roof underlay repair services to Calgary and southern Alberta. Our years in the industry have given us the knowledge and skills to be able to identify and resolve any roof issues. Our preventative roof maintenance and repair services have helped save hundreds of homeowners from more damaging problems.



Maintain your sloped roof and your home’s roofing system with the repair professionals at Tony’s Roof Repair. Whatever your slope roofing repair needs are in Calgary or southern Alberta, we are the single source solution. Our team of in-house contractors have experience working with all types of roofing materials including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, cedar shake, slate, or concrete tile.

In addition to repairing the roof’s shingles, we also offer repairs to the other infrastructure. This includes inspecting and replacing or repairing the vents, skylights, and ridges. All of which require proper flashings to drain correctly. Furthermore, proper flashings offer protection from ice and snow buildup.

If you are searching for the perfect sloped roofing repair company for your home, let Tony’s Roof Repair help. We ensure a high level of customer service by guaranteeing that our customers receive the best solution from our team. One way we do this is by never leaving a site until we know the customer is happy with the final result. Let us show you all the reasons why Calgary residents continue to come to Tony’s Roof Repair for their roofing needs.

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