Concrete Roof Repair & Replacement

concrete roof replacementDo you have concrete roof tiles and are wondering when to repair it next? Or have you been considering replacing your roof with something new? Although many imagine Southwest flair when thinking of tile roofs, there are many styles to choose from. Homeowners can put confidence in knowing their concrete roof is energy-efficient and rot-resistant. [...]

Protect Your Roof With Gutter Cleaning

clogged gutter[ultimate_heading main_heading="How Gutter Cleaning Can Save You From Roof Damage" alignment="left" el_class="py-4"][/ultimate_heading] When the air turns crisp and autumn has arrived, you think of pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters and jumping into piles of leaves. What many people don't think of, but really should, is roof maintenance and doing a good gutter cleaning. Your gutters are [...]

Things You Should Know About Commercial Roofing

commercial building roof topsCommercial roofing is a big job. In Calgary, we all know how fast the weather can change from sunshine to hail. So it's important to understand what you are getting into when researching a commercial roofing job. Whether it's an install, a replacement or repair you need to do to your building. [ultimate_heading main_heading="What Is [...]

Roofing Costs: Repairs Vs. Replacements

roofing costsWhen you start to notice your roof isn't holding up quite as well anymore, it may require some work. At Tony's Roof Repair, we can give your roof a proper inspection to see what seems to be the problem. Whether it's a roof repair or a full roof replacement, we're ready for any job you [...]

Homeowner Tips For Roof Repair

hammer-and-shinglesWe all know how frustrating a leaky roof can be and how costly it can become to repair your roof if not taken care of properly. Tony's Roof Repair is always avaialable, 24/7 emergency calls, but for small fixes keep reading for tips on how you can potentially fix the leak yourself. Water can seep [...]

How to Detect a Roof Leak

Contractor in Silhouette working on a Roof TopWe all know when a roof begins to leak. The nuisance of water dripping through the ceiling and damaging your home. The best way to get on top of things and stop this drippy madness is to first, find the leak. You'll need to pinpoint the exact location and then get yourself or your roofer [...]