Attic Rain – Why You Should Watch For It

What Is Attic Rain? Attic rain is a term used to describe water that enters the attic space of a building during freezing and thawing cycles. This can happen if the roof is damaged or if it’s not properly sealed and maintained. Attic rain can cause a variety of problems, including water damage to the […]

How To Inspect & Fix Hail Damage

architecture-roof-windowsInspecting Your Home For Hail Damage Summer rainstorms in southern Alberta can be beautiful to watch, but the destruction they leave behind can be costly. Tumultuous weather can bring hail in all shapes and sizes. From tiny pebbles to larger golf ball-sized, hail larger than about two centimetres can cause quite a bit of damage [...]

What Should You Check This Spring For Roofing?

spring maintenance checklistThe bitter cold of winter has passed, and the vibrancy of spring is finally here. It's a nice time to get outside and enjoy the mild air (or stay inside to cope with April showers). Regardless of how you like to spend this season, it'll be a lot easier to enjoy it if your responsibilities [...]

What Are Roof Vents?

roof ventYou probably think of the shingles, gutters, and a chimney when you think about your roof. But have you ever thought about your roof vents? While it seems like a relatively minor part of your roof, roof vents are essential to every single home. This blog will go over exactly what roof vents are, why [...]

Is Insulating Your Roof & Attic Important?

insulating your atticSaving money on your energy bill can be as easy as looking at your home and how well insulated it is. There are many benefits to insulating your roof and attic, including avoiding common roofing winter problems. Uneven insulation in your attic and roof can cause issues like ice damming, along with helping to prevent [...]

What Are The Advantages Of A Metal Roof?

metal roofWhen you're considering your next reroof, you might be wondering if it's time to switch to a metal roof. Metal roofs are widely used in commercial projects across Canada, but are they the right choice for your residence? What are the advantages and disadvantages of making this switch, and is it the right choice in [...]

Can You Lay New Shingles Over Old Ones?

shinglesIf you're curious about the answer to today's article question, can you lay new shingles over old ones, then keep reading. Today we will give you a brief guide on how to lay new shingles over old ones. First, however, there are some benefits and considerations to keep in mind.    In short, yes, you [...]

Best Time To Get Roofing Work Done

roofer in overalls assessing grey roof with scaffolding in background

If you’re considering having roofing work done but are unsure when the best time is, keep reading to find out. This article will outline when roofing season is to help you plan your home improvement journey.

Finding & Fixing Roof Leaks

house roof leakA leaking roof can feel alarming. After all, the roof has to protect the rest of your home. A leaky roof can create many issues for your house, and not all roof leaks are the same. There are many causes and degrees to a leaky roof. When you find the leak early, there are a [...]

The Benefits Of Green Roofs

green roofsGreen roofs are seen as a new trend beginning to pick up traction. However, many European countries have been using green roofs for years. This trend primarily starting in Germany in the 1960s with the method we still use today. But green roofs are only now gaining traction in North America. It's about time we [...]